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This document aims to detail to the USER of the B2Bid Platform how its information is collected, used, stored and protected.

This document is an integral part of the B2Bid Platform Terms of Use, which regulates any and all uses or activities on the platform and can be accessed at the following address: Terms and Conditions.

Please read this document carefully before using the platform.


1.1 These Privacy Policies apply to any and all USERS of the B2Bid Platform, regardless of the purpose or form of use, as well as the type of account, signature or performance of the USER.

1.2 By using the B2Bid Platform the USER declares to be in compliance with these Privacy Policies and expressly authorizes B2BID to collect, store and use its data, personal information and published content as provided in this document.

1.3 The provisions of this document apply to the B2Bid Platform in general, including any and all products, services, applications, tools and content made available by it, and there may be specific terms for certain situations, which will be informed in a timely manner to the USER.

1.4 At any time B2BID may change its Privacy Policy by posting it in this section of the B2Bid Platform. It is up to the USER to check these TERMS regularly to verify whether or not you agree with the version currently available and if you wish to continue using the platform.


2.1 B2BID collects and stores all information provided by its USERS during the use of its platform, which can be defined as:

I) Personal and Professional Information: By using the B2Bid Platform the USER may provide a range of personal information including, but not limited to, CPF / RG, email address, mailing address, contact phone number, sex , date of birth, company, position, salary, photos, and so on. Any and all information provided by the USER is at your sole responsibility.

II) Financial Information: By virtue of the acquisition of monthly subscription services offered by the B2Bid Platform, the USER may provide confidential information of a financial nature including, but not limited to, operator, number, password and other credit card information, address for billing, bank details and so on. Any and all financial information entrusted by the USER to B2BID will be fully protected, pursuant to item 10 of this document.

III) Published Information: By using the B2Bid Platform the USER may publish a series of contents and information including, but not limited to, requests and proposals for budgets, advertisements, comments, online connections and contacts, partnerships, services provided, historical and etc. All content published by the USER is at your sole responsibility.

IV) Navigation Information: The B2Bid Platform has access to USER navigation information due to the use of "cookies" and monitoring software, which includes, but is not limited to, usage and navigation preferences, internet protocol ("IP"), statistics, history, type of connection and device, type of browser, traffic, operations, registration data, login, password and so on. The USER may choose to disable cookies in your browser or access the platform anonymously, which may harm the browsing experience.

V) Third Party Information: Access to the B2Bid Platform can be accomplished by sharing credentials used in social networks. By connecting to a social network account, USER authorizes B2BID to collect the information provided by such platform, which may include a range of personal, professional, preferred and online information.

2.2 B2BID does not have access to the content of links or communications made between USERS of the platform.

2.3 For legal reasons, B2BID may retain in its database all information collected from USERS who have had their records deleted for any reason.


3.1 All information collected by B2BID is stored on servers or high security magnetic media, the protection of which is performed by specialized companies.

3.2 B2BID follows the security standards practiced in the market by the companies that act with transmission and retention of data, always aiming to guarantee the maximum possible security to its USERS, and taking all possible measures to guarantee the confidentiality and protection of the above mentioned information.

3.3 Notwithstanding the security measures adopted, it is certain that no method of transmission or retention of electronic data is fully safe, always subject to possible external attacks, which prevents the absolute guarantee of the information provided.

3.4 B2BID is not liable for any damage or injury that may arise from the breach of your security measures by third parties who use improper, fraudulent or illegal means to access information stored on the servers or databases of the B2Bid Platform.

4. USE

4.1 B2BID uses the information collected to customize the USER experience, improve the B2BID Platform and customer service, process transactions, promote contests, surveys or promotions, send emails, and so on.

4.2 B2BID may use or assign data provided by USERS and information and content relating to the use of the platform for any purpose, including, but not limited to, commercial, advertising, educational or journalistic purposes.

4.3 B2BID may also use USER and partner data for analysis, studies, reporting, academic work, and everything else that is necessary to ensure the proper functioning and development of the platform and the services offered.

4.4 The USER agrees that its information be sent to other USERS and third parties acting on the platform, whenever any kind of contact is initiated, especially for the negotiations, offers and proposals that are made in the B2Bid Platform, in order to allow the communication between the parties.

4.5 USER data may be used to send notifications, account or service information, update notices or breach of Terms of Use, and other communications that B2BID deems necessary.

4.6 B2BID may provide all information requested by public bodies and authorities, provided that they are duly justified and compatible with current legislation.


5.1 B2BID may communicate with the USER through any of the means of contact provided, preferably by email, always in order to provide information pertinent to the use of the platform and its products, services and features.

5.2 B2Bid periodically sends out informational and promotional messages, but never SPAM. The USER may at any time request B2BID to delete your email from the mailing list.


6.1 The login and password chosen by each USER serve to ensure privacy and security in accessing the B2Bid Platform. The USER is solely responsible for the care and confidentiality of such information, and B2BID is exempt from any liability for damages or damages perceived by the USER due to the sharing of platform access data.


7.1 Any use of devices, software, scripts, robots, crawlers, data mining, data scraping, and others that could compromise functionality or interfere with data collection, platform management or restricted access is strictly prohibited.

7.2 Any form of reverse engineering is also expressly prohibited, whether to disassemble, decipher, decompile, or otherwise attempt to copy the source code or any other intellectual property content available on the B2Bid Platform.

7.3 The reproduction, publication or sharing, even partial, of any content available on the B2Bid Platform, by any means, including, but not limited to, social networks, blogs and virtual communities is prohibited.


8.2 The content of the B2Bid Platform is dynamic and may eventually present errors and inconsistencies. Changes may be made without prior notice, including for advertised services and products.

8.3 B2BID is not responsible for content from other websites that may be accessed from its platform, which may be governed by terms of use and independent privacy policies.


9.1 B2BID can be contacted in case of doubts, compliments and suggestions at: