How do I manage suppliers?
  • Free to use as a client. No complex pricing or barrier to entry.
  • Intuitively build orders of varying levels of complexity.
  • Simple to import and invite your existing suppliers into the system.
  • Automatic notification of your suppliers to submit their quotes.
  • Post orders to a national network of qualified suppliers for more offers.

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How do I find clients?
  • Access our free national market of orders to see current opportunities.
  • Directly market to clients looking for your products and services.
  • Detailed company profile pages to promote your business.
  • Automatic linking of products to quotes sent to clients.
  • Simple subscriptions so you can scale your business as you grow.


B2Bid is a platform that provides a flexible, efficient, and standard process for procurements in businesses and government.

Most importantly, it provides a free global marketplace that brings clients and providers together, no matter the size of your company.


On-line National Market

Access a national database of requests for quotations in all industry segments. The market is customized and tailored to your business's market segments, giving you access to new clients.


Marketing and Sales Synergy

By building a product or service portfolio on the network, B2Bid will automatically connect your product profiles to the quotation line item being provided.

B2Bid is designed by business people involved in the process of soliciting and supplying quotations.

Governance and Transparency

Information on orders published onto B2Bid’s Market are all captured for transparency with a robust audit trail to satisfy any ISO and/or legal responsibilities.

Standardized Process

Your business will save significant time and money using our efficient, flexible, and intuitive order and quotation building process. You can build complex purchase orders, easily preparing and sending quotes.

Order Notification

Don't miss important notices and messages when submitting quotes. Get auto-notified when the client makes changes to the order, or when you receive updates on the status of your quote.

Best Supplier Access

Review quotes based on price and delivery time, and also view supplier profiles, their products and services catalogs, as well as past client reviews to help pick the best supplier for your order.

Business Performance Tracking

Tools to track your business performances based on activity over periods of time to help determine the best strategy to increase your success rate.

Organized Secure Messaging

Instead of messy emails, use our built-in messaging for organized, secure, and private communicate between clients and suppliers, with separation of personal from business messages.

Simple and Flexible Pricing

All plans start out as a FREE Account. No credit card is required to sign up.

Small Business

Tier I

$ 0 / MON


3  User Account
3  Quotes per Month
  Tier I Market Access ()
Business Contact Access
Supplier Management Portal
Business Advertising

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Tier III

$ 299 / MON


Unlimited  User Account
Unlimited  Quotes per Month
  Tier III Market Access()
  Business Contact Access ()
  Supplier Management Portal ()
  Business Advertising  ()

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Note: You can change or cancel your plan at anytime in your account settings.

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