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B2Bid is a platform that provides a flexible, efficient, and standard process for soliciting and submitting quotes for businesses and governments.


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Industry Market
Access the national market of requests for quotations. The market is customized and tailored to your business's market segments, and clients you did not even know you had are requesting for your private quotes!
Standardized Process
Your business will save significant time and money using our efficient, flexible, and intuitive order and quotation building process. You can build complex purchase orders, and preparing and sending quotes was never easier.
Private Messaging
Instead of messy emails use our built-in private messaging to communicate between clients and suppliers. With separation of personal from business messages. Organized, secure, private, and simple!
Best Supplier
Review quotes based on price and delivery time, but also view supplier profiles, their products and services catalogs, and past client reviews to help pick the best supplier for your order.
Business Performance
Tools to track your business performances based on activity over periods of time to help determine the best strategy to increase your success rate.
Mobile & Tablet Support
Check and manage your order status from mobile and tablet devices seamlessly. Never lose an opportunity to submit a quote just because you aren't in front of your computer!

Business Centric Marketing

Your company will have a client oriented profile for presenting your company's strengths with standardized products and services menus.

Your B2Bid company profile is your company's virtual presence on the network. Register your company and its products and services in our national business registry for clients to see.

On-line National Market

Find requests for quotes in our on-line market, which allows customized filtering by contract types and industry segments. Only see orders that match your company's national registered Codes of Operation, and with our auto-matching features let us easily market your products and services to the clients when you submit a quotation.

Past Performance Reviews
Clients can leave their reviews and comments on your company profile so future potential clients can see your past performances. Grow your strength by incentivizing your clients to leave positive reviews!
Association Membership
Get access to association private orders. You can research, apply, and become members of associations that bring value to your company, and get access to their private orders while taking advantage of their services.
Order Notification
Don't miss important notices and messages when submitting quotes. Get auto-notified when the client makes changes to the order, or when you receive updates on the status of your quote.

Choose Your Plan

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Small Business

 Tier I

$0 / MON

  • Tier I Company Listing
  • 2  User Account
  • 2  Quotes per Month
  •   Tier I Market Access
  •   Business Contact Access*
  •   Business Advertising **
  • 24/7 Support

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 Tier II

$99 / MON

  • Tier II Company Listing
  • 30  User Account
  • 30  Quotes per Month
  •   Tier II Market Access
  •   Business Contact Access*
  •   Business Advertising **
  • 24/7 Support

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 Tier III

$299 / MON

  • Tier III Company Listing
  • Unlimited  User Account
  • Unlimited  Quotes per Month
  •   Tier III Market Access
  •   Business Contact Access*
  •   Business Advertising **
  • 24/7 Support

Select Plan

  • Tier I - Small Businesses and Projects with quote total value of less than $100k value
  • Tier II - Medium Business and Projects with quote total value of less than less than $1mil value
  • Tier III - Large Businesses and Projects with quote total value of more than more than $1mil value

*  Contacts must be solicited individually with 30 solicitation limit per month. This limit can be raised by contacting support.

** Additional costs may be applicable depending on advertising options selected at the time of advertising.

Note: You can change or cancel your plan at anytime in your account settings.

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